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Established in 1981, TCL Corporation is a global leader in consumer electronics and communications with over 75,000 employees worldwide.TCL runs the world 3rd largest TV business and 5th largest mobile phone business...
TCL Research America - Multimedia Lab
The TCL Multimedia Lab is the world leader of media coding, processing, rendering, and communications research with a group of world-class researchers in the field.
TCL Research America - Communications Lab
The TCL Communications Lab is an internationally recognized research center for wireless communication and networking. We always recruit world-class researchers in the field to maintain the best talent and expertise.
TCL Research America - Smart Computing Lab
The TCL Smart Computing Lab is a well recognized research partner in collaborating with academic research groups, technology vendors and industrial partners. It has been very successful to move ideas and concepts from research prototypes into business and practical applications.
TCL Research America - Emerging Technology Lab
Emerging Technology Lab
The TCL Emerging Technology Lab targets at the latest advances in the technology innovations…
TCL Research America - MIT Lab
The TCL MIT Lab locates at Boston, MIT campus; it is a joint program by MIT and TCL Corporation…